About us

What is Gilm… better yet, who is Gilm?


Gilm PressGilm… the name came about quickly after the first few weeks of college. With many Elizabeths in the world, there needed to be a name that distinguished her from the rest. As a group of eager freshman college students sat in a dorm room talking about their first few days of classes and the new friends they were making, the name change happened. With a shortened version of her last name, Elizabeth forever became Gilm in the eyes of her friends. 

Elizabeth grew up loving crafts and making things. This love and passion led her to study Interior Design in college. After college, she began using her design skills to create stationary, journals, gift tags, handbags, websites and brochures for a non-profit business.

She then began designing stationery, paper and other products for family and friends. As others saw her work and her business began to grow she decided to step out on her own and now does Gilm Press full time. 

She loves bright colors, fun fonts, and textures. Her love for design is seen in everything she does from the way she dresses to the arrangement of a room. She would love to share her passion and love for design to create something beautiful for you!