Paper Options

Most Gilm Press products are typically printed on one of six papers. We most often use a white or ivory paper in one of three textures: smooth, linen or felt. I love paper with texture and love the look and feel of both our linen and felt options shown below.

Gilm Press Paper Options

The linen stock has a nice, subtle, woven texture to it and the ivory linen is by far my most popular for wedding programs.

The felt stock (which is my personal favorite) has a more pronounced texture to it, almost like a watercolor paper. In my opinion (and in the opinion of almost every client that orders it) the felt feels and looks much more expensive than it is. I print almost all my calling cards on this paper and love to use it on invitations with watercolor elements.

Refer to a product's listing for its paper options, but contact us if you have any questions or ever want to upgrade to one of these great options. 

June 04, 2016